Good News Everyone!

Good News Everyone!

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Time for another news update, to our wonderful community!

July was the second month of post-release WildStar and it brought us the Strain Update, and later the Sabotage update. Both of which are evolving the post-game in a way that we’re pretty happy with. But that all aside let us discuss the changes we are conducting in the upcoming weeks.



We have been conducting open discussions, and transparently talking with our members about plans for the future. After several discussions we are moving towards a long term story for the Malverines. More to be revealed in Season 2, but it will culminate in something new that will allow a greater expansion of story options!

Sovereign side things are getting different. This past year has been a bit rough for our favorite Dominion side guild, but we think that we are finally hitting a unique story edge to provide fun, and identity for the BSIA. In Revelations Act I  it was revealed that powers related to the infamous Ghost Emperor have started making moves against the Talyn family. As part of our ongoing live story we are slowly shifting the Sovereign’s to a new angle as mixture of vigilante, and special ops. More which will revealed in future updates in the coming weeks. Please stay tuned as we post more on the Revelation story too later this next week!


New Officers and Deputies

This week we are happy to announce that after long hard work, Seele will be promoted to Officer. As a Deputy she has led the charge on running the Sassy, and has proven a dedicated member of the Staff! This promotion was to help with upcoming levels of delegation in Staff operations.

As mentioned in our Directions 2 discussion we are changing up a few of our Staff positions. This introduction will include the introduction of the new “Ritesmaster” position. Ritesmasters will be a mixture of Den Mother or Father, Ritualistic Head, and Shadow Hand.


List of Upcoming Changes

  • Simplified Uniform Regulations
  • New History Page for the Sovereigns
  • Update Role Listings for both factions!
  • Lore for the IC Structures of both are getting updated!
  • The Measure (Sovereign IC Rules) is being updated!


House Cleaning

The third quarter of post-launch has begn, and its time to clean house as per our guild activity policy. For the next two weeks until 12pm PST / 3pm EST / 8pm GMT we’ll be reminding everyone to reply to the House Cleaning August thread. It includes some information as the House Cleaning is more of a Guild Census, than really a headcount. It lets us know where people are, the amount of alts, and a bit more!

-For those just joining us- you do not need to  post, but you can if you wish to give us additional useful data for the Guild Census!

Several reminders will be given to participate in the thread, so if you miss out and are removed, you have been warned. Those who are removed during the House Cleaning will be able to re-activate their membership using the Reactivation Thread here.


Additional News:

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