Update: Transfiguration

Update: Transfiguration

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“See through your fear with clarity of mind.” -Tristan the Courageous

The Transfiguration is an act that with the end of the Revelations mini-story arc that has been posted here for the past three weeks. The fully story can be accessed right now on the Season 1 archives. With the Transfiguration Update we have shifted some of our lore pages, and the structure of the guild. Part of this includes the following:



Officer Structure and Role Updates!

There is a newly updated Staff Page, and updated Faction Structure Pages to gloss over. The past few days for the guild have been a bit tumultuous, so to respond to growing concerns we have decided to move back to our roots. We have gone over all documents with a fine tooth comb and done the following:

  • We have reduce the amount of reading for new members (Job Lists are gone for now to act as assistant documents only). This frees up members to define their characters as they wish in the guild from the start, and through Roleplay!
  • We have simplified the Guild Uniform, and advancing from Prospect to Member. Members who were Associates will be schedule for Membership Promotions within the next few weeks pending scheduling!
  • We’ve removed the specific Terminology on members in general other than Slang. All member titles, jobs and what they do is now listened based upon RP in the Faction Member Lists.
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