Episode 3: Elemental Interruption

Episode 3: Elemental Interruption

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The life ain’t easy. Recent events have hurt the gang further than necessary. With the slowly growing threat of enemies moving in on their turf, the Malverines have started taking jobs from locals in Algoroc to rebuild their finances. So it was not strange at all to find Scout, Thorstein, Durnok, and the Boss cruising out of Gallow on their way to Demon Claw Pass. Cath had it on good authority that a local mining team wanted some help with a few rogue beasties. Yet, when the crew got there they found themselves utterly confused. The one creature at the camp, a very tired buried Boulderback, would not remotely wake up. Even after firing at it the thing turned out to be dead. Without a job to do the Malverines decided to move on while heading toward a shrine near Thayd in Galeras.

The trip to the Shrine would prove to be stranger. While riding through the central rocky part of the Valley, Durnok leaped from his hoverbike to engage a wandering boulderback. Soon the entire crew found themselves firing away at the poor beastie. After an outright slaughter, the Malverines exchanged a friendly greeting with a young settler, and went along their way. While leading the pack, Cathal would show that his sense of direction as of late was a bit rusty. Even to the point where Scout was giving him a piece of her mind over it!

Finally, after attempting to climb the mountain, and making all the way (Scout had to pull out for personal reasons), the three remaining Malvs arrived upon Shrine. Within lay a pile of gold, and treasure, enough to make a lop scream Shiny for years to come. While they explored the location they happened upon a locked Eldan door. Thorstein was able to rig an opening, and soon they found themselves facing off against one very confused Augmenter. Slaying the Augmenter proved a tad difficult, and even after killing it the crew somehow found themselves (via Eldan teleporter) near the entrance of Thayd itself in Galeras.

Back again up the mountain path (this one easier to ride to the consternation of the direction lame Cathal), and upon the ancient Shrine they challenged a very angry elemental. Finally after what felt like hours of work they stole some of the treasure and rode home back to the Clubhouse. A long days work behind them.

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