Episode 4: Highborn Conservation

Episode 4: Highborn Conservation

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The Talyn had provided a job. A job that could provide some much needed rapport with local authorities in Deradune. What was the job? Assassinating a local Highborn by the name of Walter Exarius. His crime? Selling off the meat from animals in the Owanee reserve of southern Deradune.

After meeting in the entrance of Deradune outside Ilium the team of Sovereigns (Fahari, Zylla, Syntaxis, and Navigatrix) swept out on their mounts into the wilds of Deradune. While having some issues with actually finding the contact they were seeking (Fahari kept leading them astray). They were slowly informed of the malicious deeds of Walter Exarius by a Lowborn gameskeeper in the Owanee watch post. From there the crew encountered a Draken by the name of Guarak. Some banter passed between the newcomer, and soon the Sovereigns were offering him a subcontract to assist in dealing with the Highborn.

The crew headed south on foot into the depths of the reserve as they soon encountered a large marauder encampment. From thereon they fought their way decisively through the thugs of Oghra and Grund foot-soldiers. Finally, at the base of a large violet colored ship they encountered Walter, and his Grund bodyguards. There after an exchange of banter they fully engaged the target, and removed him from this world (Guarak finished the bastard off). During the battle of the fray one Grund was downed quickly through close combat, while another was strangely pulled from his position by Syntax who dispatched in brutal fashion.

The death of the threat to local hunting earned the respect from local Clanlord of the Firemane. The Job complete, the Sovereigns traversed through the tar-pits of southern Deradune before parting ways in the burial grounds of the Endless Vigil.

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