Join Us!

To join the BlackSky do you consider yourself:

An active player who plans on playing WildStar for a while.

  • A person loving the lore, and universe of WildStar and wishing to immerse yourself in it.
  • A person who enjoys either PvE (Questing, Raiding, Dungeons ETC) or PvP (Battlegrounds, Warplots) content, or both.
  • A person who loves to collaborate on stories with others as a group.
  • A person who enjoys a laid back, adult environment with an open mind.
  • Be at least 18 years or older.


To join the guild please take the following steps.

1. Register on our Forums, select a username you wish us to know you by!

2. Please make sure to read our Guild RulesOut of Character Structure.

3. Take a moment after looking at the OOC information to peruse the lore the faction (Dominion or Exiles) that you are applying under with us (once you join you can place characters in either faction).

4. We have two factions:


5. Create a new thread after copying an Guild Application code and posting a new application in the Joining the BlackSky forum.


Once you have applied you be asked a series of possible followup questions. Once the Officers and Leaders are ready they will place your application up for consideration and announce within a forty-eight hours if you have been approved as a prospect.

When you create the new thread please select the Sov or Malv thread prefix to indicate the faction of your main character (the character you are applying with).



If you would like to learn more about us during the application process take some time and peruse our Active Guild Blog.


Note: BlackSky maintains a limit of 10 days for nonresponsive Interviewees. Whereupon we archive the application. Said application can always be re-activated this thread.


The OOC Interview:
Within 48 hours of submitting your application; you will receive a response beginning the OOC Interview. Just answer the questions as truthfully, and clearly as you can. Upon completion of the interview you will be given a chance to ask questions of the Interviewer. Afterward will be placed up for consideration.

If approved you will receive PM welcoming you to the community, and providing you with a guide of what to do next. The next step is then the IC Interview.


The IC Interview
After you have completed your OOC Interview you will be contacted by an Officer via PM seeking to schedule your IC Interview. Please provide a availability for when you can meet as soon as possible. You will have a month to complete the Interview at the most.

In-Game guild invites will not be given out till IC Interviews have been completed.


After finally completing the IC Interview you are officially on probation as a Prospect. In this time you will need to socialized with guild members and get to know them. Also take some time to jump into active guild roleplay at guild hang-outs or hubs, and try out a few events. This all helps you move towards your promotion to full membership.

More on advancement in the guild can be found on the Advancement Page.

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