About Seasonal Stories

The stories behind the BlackSky focus on the relationships, the backgrounds, the relationships, and the overall members of the Club.

We use such shows as FireFly, Full Metal Alchemist, Sons of Anarchy, Breaking Bad, TriGun, Farscape and StarGate series as inspiration. All of these shows have a common cast of characters which cover a wide range of topics from murder, to outside pressure, to attacks on family.

All of our Guild Seasons will focus on various plot aspects, with one over-arching focus playing into the current arch of the Season. We hope to then provide written lore entries, short stories, and summaries to give a sense of exploration into the saga of the BlackSky. Much of our story will come from interaction with other guilds, but also the day-to-day needs and pressures the factions face.

At the end of each story we will conclude and then write a short summary covering the build up, the major aspects and the major players of each. This we hope will tell ongoing epic that we can look back on and see how our characters have lived, cried, laughed, and messed up everything along the way. We however do not hope to create mass amounts of lore that will bog down newcomers to our story! For this reason none of the expanded Mythos of the BlackSky is required to be read, only if you really care about why a character has a particular aspect to them, or why the faction has a specific ritual.

Most of these stories will be watched over by Officers who will be given the powers of Game Master and who will work in time with members to tell a fun story. Consequences will be negotiated to a point (the punishment must fit the crime), and will be applied fairly. The Game Master during events and during conflict will act as a Mediator. please note that Officers and Leaders in general are given full right to act as a Game Master to make sure our Rules of Roleplay are properly enforced.


Break Down of Seasons

  • Episodes - The current plot of the guild that is effected by member ran events, and will evolve through Staff managed events. Through member action, and Staff decision acting as the reactive force Episodes will become plot changers in the ongoing arc of the current Season.
  • Season - The current multi-part plot that evolves through the actions of members during Episodes, and through the reactive NPC forces, and also other groups in the Rp community.
  • Intermission - The period between Episodes, and Guild Seasons, considered a filler story or cool-down period.



For the simplicity of keeping track of our guild timeline and until Carbine reveals the official calendar for WildStar we currently date our events by day they first occur in real life. So an episode that starts on the first of may occurs in the first of may in our active timeline. All our threads and event are tagged to keep discrepancies to a minimum.

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