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BlackSky has multiple forms of contact and communication.

Our community then has two primary methods of offsite communication:

  • Skype - Our primary instant messaging program contact.
  • Mumble - Our primary method of voice communication and gaming organization.


Direct contact information for the Officers and Leadership can be found on the Staff Page.



We use skype for instant messaging and chat discussion offsite primarily to hash out ideas and hold meetings to brain storm ideas.

  • You will need skype which can be found at this link.
  • You will need an account if you don’t already have it.
  • Once you are online please add ShadowedSin to your contacts and you will be added to our Chat.
  • We ask that everyone on Skype use the same display name as their user name on our forums. This can be done by click the skype dropdown menu selecting profile and then edit profile.
  • In the edit the profile option you can change your display name and even set an image. If you want to use skype for more than just the guild you can use a piece of your nickname and put a slash by your other name.


To turn off Chat Notification Select the “Conversation Drop Down Menu”, then select “Notification Settings” then select “Do not Notify Me”.



We use Mumble for Voice Chat and discussion, for just generally chatting, and for our online gaming groups!


Port: 3045

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