The Feud of BrightStar

They say that years ago the Reilys and Talyns once got along. That there was no bad blood between them. That all all changed when their founders decided to argue over inheritance.

What exactly happened all those centuries ago is only known in the Saga as told by either side. The truth was simply lost all those years ago. With each generation the feud burns brighter especially since Sean Reily killed his distant cousin Elric Talyn during the Cassian Civil War. Even recent events between the families has caused bitter hatred between the Malverines and the Sovereigns.


Reily Family

“Freedom and the open road!”


Their View:

The Reily family sees the Feud as a true nuisance and do their best to avoid it. They often will deny their ancestors part in inciting the rivalry saying that the BrightStar family was filled with oppressive snobs. That Reily himself was a great war hero who had found for Emperor and Country. Throughout the centuries they have often teased and taunted the Talyn. This has only served to embitter the feud.


  • Reily members tend to have dark brown or auburn hair. Red hair is not uncommon in children. Blonde hair is rarer.
  • They are tallish in height and generally sport short facial hair.


Size: Usually under ninety members, they have at least four known families with several families married into the greater family.

Allegiance: A majority of the Reily’s fight for the Exiles. A cadet branch the Reily-Talyn’s split away from the family during the Cassian Civil War and now serves the ICI.

General Information:
The Reily family was founded centuries ago by the drunken older son of Robert BrightStar. Reily BrightStar was a womanizer who (to this day most deny in the family) disowned his own family to seek his fortune. Years afterward their more recent ancestor Sean Reily sided with Serrick Brightland during the Cassian Civil War.

Reilys are known for their gruff manner, general tendency to be a bit amorous, and in general drinking. They are good fighters, staunch freedom seekers, and are quick to anger. As a Clan they have fought for and have shed blood for the Exiles for the past still to this day.


Talyn Family (Brightstar Reborn)

“For the Dominion and the Luminai!”


Their View:
The Talyn Family has perhaps been the most tenacious about the blood feud since the death of Elric Talyn. Their ancestral namesake, Talyn, herself was a staunch soldier and felt incredibly insulted when her brother disowned the family. Over the years the Talyn’s have only kept score as they seek to reunite the family’s by force. In many cases the Talyn revel in destroying their enemies and causing trouble for the Reily family.

Size: The Talyn family encompasses several Cadet branches which serve in various parts of the Dominion Military. The primary branch of the family always controls the BrightStar frigate and serves aboard it.


  • Talyns tend to sport black or dark brown hair and have sharp features. They are known for having green or blue eyes.
  • Talyns often wear no facial hair and prefer to keep their hair trim.


Allegiance: The Talyn’s are almost exclusively members of the Dominion. Any who have defected are struck from the family’s history and are often killed on sight when seen again.

General Information:
The Talyn family was founded the youngest child of Robert BrightStar after the original heir, Reily, disowned the family. Talyn herself was said to be a fantastic swordswoman, a great shot, and an honorable fighter. After seeing the dishonor committed by her brother she swore to reunite the families at one point, an oath carried on by the family to this day.

Talyns are resolute, slightly sadistic, and are known for long planning. They are not a group to be anger as they are known for being vindictive. Throughout the Empire the name Talyn however stands for honor, commitment, and dedication to bringing order to the Galaxy. They are the owners and primary investors of the BrightStar Sovereigns Imperial Agency.

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