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Since the old times of the empire the crews of the BlackSky and the BrightStar frigates competed for the best assignments and glory. Now in the modern days the same old feuds and bad blood plague the surface of Nexus. Malverine or Sovereign, Exile or Dominion, the Saga of BlackSky never ends.


What is the BlackSky?

We are the BlackSky a cross-faction WildStar Roleplay Community set in the universe of the WildStar MMO. Ours is a simple story of freedom loving outlaws, glory seeking soldiers, rebels and special-ops units. The BlackSy is by defintion a story told by the saga created by the roleplayers of our community. Through the interactions of our two factions we shall weave an epic for all to enjoy.


Who we are…

Members of the BlackSky come from all walks of life, and genres of gaming. As a guild we are bound by friendship, and our adult laid back nature. We have roots in games as recent as guild wars two (with the Ashenfold Cartel and other guilds), and as far back as Age of Conan or World of Warcraft. As a whole our guild follows a simple ideal of Games who Roleplay and Game -Together- for enjoyment and fun.  We seek to tell depth filled stories, but also excel in PvE and PvP. To us gaming is about having fun, and Roleplay is an enhancement to the already awesome creation Carbine is providing for us in WildStar. BlackSky is also a haven from the external stresses of the world, we see gaming as a means to have fun and to enjoy each others company!

For this reason we LGTBT* and Military friendly, as well as all other groups throughout the gaming world.

Core Values

Our Core Values are the concepts and ideals that our guild is founded on. These also include primary features and philosophies of our guild community.


The Brotherhood / Sisterhood

All members of the BlackSky are brothers and sisters. We hold respect, friendship, and having fun to be one of the most important attributes of strong community. When a member logs on we believe they should find enjoyment and friends waiting them. Tolerance and understanding are key features of the brotherhood. We do not judge, we do not focus on what is wrong, but rather on how to improve. Positive and easy going is what the brotherhood means. A place where jokes can be had and fun is more important than drama. We also believe in honesty and understanding in a community community. Problems are best solved when everyone is on the same page.


Adult Environment and Mature Community

We require members of our guild to be eighteen years or older as our guild is set in a world of narcotics, alcohol, adult language, violent situations and adult situations. Our guild is a laid back and adult environment where people can feel free to unwind and discuss various topics. We believe not only in tolerance, but also respectful discussion and open mindedness. The content of our Roleplay may cover simple topics from simple adventuring to a drug-by. We may one day feature companions, and then another day a charity.


Deep / Fun Stories, and Signature Characters

A primary focus of our Roleplay is to tell stories together. This can be simply exploring the lands of Nexus, or a battle between the Dominion and the Exiles. To tell these stories do what we call Seasonal Stories (please read the page to learn more) a mixture of episodic events and natural character driven plot. Another aspect of our guild is what we call “Signature Characters” this is the idea that every member and character should be considered an active member of the guild’s story. In BlackSky everyone will be given equal chance and connection to make it big in the spotlight of our ongoing plot.


The Grey Line

Another core value of the BlackSky is the ideal of moral ambiguity in Roleplay. By definition this means that we are neither good nor evil in our Roleplay. In fact we believe players should be allowed to define their characters how they wish. This means that our guild by nature is chaotic (chaotic neutral specifically) and that the motivations of the group overall will fall back upon the characters and their players. This also means that when dark actions occur the light moments are much more evident.


Ye Old Table Top

One aspect that many of us love is that feeling created around the tabletop when playing Pen and Paper games. Its a sense of friendship, and the desire to tell a story together as a group. Often in these cases characters can either get along; be at each other throats; or spend hours delving into dungeons. At the core of this experience is a sense of clear Out of Character camaraderie which is a key aspect of the BlackSky. Like any good Table Top group our group forms long standing friendships and deep stories that have you always wondering what is going to happen next.


The Tide

To us plot and Roleplay needs to effect changes. Actions have consequences and these should give a sense of how characters can redirect the course of the story. Dynamic change and the ebb of plot is what we call the Tide. The Tide is what draws and unites the BlackSky and creates that sense of “belonging” for our factions as they gather to deal with what issues threaten them all.


Choose your Side

The final main factor of our status as a cross-factional guild. When we say cross-faction we do not mean that we are a neutral ground on the contrary our factions are direct opposed to each other. The story of the BlackSky and the BrightStar is a long one, and dates back to years after the foundation of the Dominion itself! As a community built for both factions of WildStar we welcome alliances with Dominion and Exile guilds equally as well any race.


The BlackSky Malverines

BSM-Transparent“Exiles Forever, Forever Exiles!”

The BlackSky Malverines are a Hovercycle Club and group of Exiles who landed on Nexus after its discovery Dorian Walker. Many years ago when the Cassian Civil War first erupted the BlackSky war frigate was captained by Sean Reily, an officer in the Dominion Navy. When the cry of freedom went up on Cassus the BlackSky answered the call of Serick Brightland. Ever since that day the BlackSky was set apart from the rest of the Dominion, it was an Exile. Much later the ship took on crewmen from Gnox and then even later still Arboria. Comprised of members of all Exile races, the BlackSky came to the legendary planet of Nexus to seek a new life. Malverines are businessmen, mercenaries, freedom fighters, crooks and much more.

The Malverines take their name from the same beast that now stalks the lands of Deradune. Destined to seek out Dominion interests, and destroy them with impunity, they are hunted by their arch-enemy the despised BrightStar Sovereigns.


The BrightStar Sovereigns

“For Emperor, and Dominion!”

The BrightStar Sovereigns Imperial Agency, were once a bloodless corporate entity who has seen themselves transformed in recent years. The BrightStar name once meant duty, honor, and loyalty to ones comrades. Things have changed however, the blind can now see. When Emperor Myrcalus cleansed the corruption from the Vigilant Church, and the Empire, the Sovereigns were among those at the forefront. Seeking retribution, and to remove the tarnish upon the name of the BSIA. Comprised of all races of the Empire, the Sovereigns came to Nexus seeking answers, and to discover the destiny of their order. Sovereigns are soldiers, ICI agents, Vigilants, Huntresses, inventors, and much more.

The Sovereigns take their name in response to their desire to enforce the order, and prosperity that comes within the Dominion. Bound to remove Exile schemes, and to unearth their plots to undo the Empire, they are hunted by their nemesis, the terrorist BlackSky Malverines.


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