Malverines Lore (Exiles)


“Exiles Forever, Forever Exiles”



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“It all dates back kid, all the way back when Serick Brightland raised his rebellion against those Luminai Great Houses, and their Hig Born lackeys. From that day on the Reily’s and their followers declared freedom as their oath of blood, and swore to never bow to Tyranny again!”


The BlackSky Malverines Hovercycle Club is the descendant organization of the proud fighting crew of the BlackSky Frigate. Serving for generations under the Reily family in the Exile fleet, the BlackSky created a name for freedom and rebellion. This created a culture of not only open mindedness, but a brotherhood and sisterhood of arms, ideals, and family. Even after the discover and eventual planet-fall on Nexus the crew of the old Frigate packed up and were honorably discharged. From then on the BlackSky began to settle into a new life. Those that still held to the old crew bound brotherhood created the “Malverines” a club of like minded outlaws that wished to carve out their own life while still hold to the old ideals of freedom

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