Malverines Structure

The structure, and internal workings of the Club encompasses those from all walks of life. From the newly joined Prospects; to old-timers of the Membership; to the Officers, and Leaders of the Table. All play a part in the family that is the BlackSky.

Not all Malverines are soldiers, some walk to a different drum to work in Club businesses while others work in the field to support Club fighters. The Club is not a foolish organization, it encourages advancement / expansion of member skills (in consideration to current responsibilities).


Faction Structure / Ranks

Tier 0 – Hang-Arounds

The Life is not easy, and those who are considered Zero Tier, are either not to be trusted, or are old friends / allies. Then there are those who are openly seeking to join the stability, opporunities, and life the BSHC represents. Once hired (all those who join the Club work for it), the Hangaround is asked to state their skills, or simply what can they do in the form of Combat, Support, or mixed skill-set (see Jobs List for more options).


Tier 1 – Prospects (Cubs)

Probates, and members-in-training, Prospects are the newly passed members who made it beyond the interviewing process, and were given a job. They work as either Combat, Support, or mixed skilled Probational Claw. Prospects are new-blood of the Club, and are often carefully evaluated by standing members (Claws) during their time to see if the life is for them.


Tier 2 – Members (Claws)

Members are full Claws who have been raised to the brotherhood after finishing their time as Prospects. They are the life’s blood of the Club, and therefore are brothers, and sisters in the life.


Tier 4 – Officers of the Table

A member who has risen through the Agency ranks and has entered the Table of the Boss and Sergeant. Officers work in various fields overseeing Club Projects, and Operations.

  •  Deputies (Lieutenant) - The Deputies of the Club are a select few who have shown continued contribution and work for the Club in general. Often working as shotcallers while on a ride or job. Or working as supervisors in Club business. They are essentially the assistants of the Table, and lend their voices when need be in Club decisions.


Tier 5 – The Leaders

At the top of the Gang are the Leaders, those in charge of running everything and making sure the Club prospers.


The  Boss
The leader of the Club and the one who holds the gavel during meetings at the Table.

  •  The Sergeant - The Sergeant in command and the adviser to the Boss.
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