Malverine Slang

As the BlackSky traveled through the Fringe and made its way toward Nexus. The crew developed a set of terms and slang to communicate amongst themselves when on missions or when communicating on the fly. This tradition carried over into the Club today.

  • BlackSky – The old Frigate that the Club was once from.
  • Book of Names - The Chronicle Book carried by members of the Table, and where the stories of the Club members are recorded.
  • Colors – The combination of the Club Holo, and the formal uniform of the Club.
  • Cut – The informal Colors  of the Club, considered Sacred. ALso denotes rank and placement among the Gang.
  • Dommie - Slang term for a member of the Dominion.
  • Freehold - A term for the territory defended by the Malverines.
  • Hangaround - A non-Club member who spends time with the BlackSky.
  • Old Grin – A name for the Colors of the gang.
  • Patch – A means of marking title, and duties within the gang. Patches infer working roles, and achievements earned. These can include the Enforcer Patch (for primary gang fighters) or the Tart Patch (for top gang groupies).
  • Malv- A member of the Club.
  • Reily Clan – The leading family backing the Club in current times.
  • “Say hello to Old Grin.” – A term for killing someone.
  • Sweeties- A Club Groupie.
  • Sov - Slang for a Sovereign
  • The Charter - A simple set of rules governing the Gang’s Actions and Establishes basic rights and privileges.
  • The Club - A basic way to refer to the Malverines as a whole.
  • The Table  -  The meetings where votes occur for the gang. The Table itself is a large piece rock cut from a meteorite found on Nexus
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