The Measure (Sovereign Rules)

The Sovereigns follow a letter of law which dates back to their founding after the Cassian Civil War. A simple and yet strict code of order that was enforced first on the BrightStar frigate and then later the agency itself. The Imperial Agency rule is merciful for those that admit their wrongs, and those that hide it meet quick harsh reprimand.


Here are a quick list of offenses and consequences for those who break the IC rules of the Sovereigns or the Malverines:


Minor Offenses: Abusing club services and not giving appropriate payment. Not paying dues or bills. Causing a scene or acting like a child.

Minor Consequences: Losing club privileges; having to do jobs to pay off the expense; having to do humiliating work to learn respect; being tossed into a lake to learn your place.

Medium Offenses: Brawling in public without due reason or causing a scene; talking back to a superior and ignoring orders; talking shit about a superior or another brother or sister in public.

Medium Consequences: Hard labor jobs or a minor beating. Severely humiliating jobs or tasks. Having to pay an extensive fine.

Major Offenses: Stealing from the Club or Agency; extended harassing and stalking members of the club; touching or striking a claimed individual (without due reason); talking about Club or Agency secrets in public.

Major Consequences: A severe beating or a period of time; demotion to lesser status (being a high ranking member and being demoted to a lowly dancer or server) or to prospect; permanent loss of privileges.

Aggravated Offenses: Treason (selling information to the opposing faction, giving away secrets to our enemies in our current faction, selling information to the highest bidder); killing another member; rape or vicious assault on another member; vandalizing Agency or member symbols or bikes; attacking family members; breaking areas declared to be sanctuaries of peace; wearing club or Agency symbols (tattoos, emblems etc) and not being a member or being a former member who was expelled.

Aggravated Offenses: Expulsion (your colors are ripped off on the spot and you are told to remove all tattoos or symbols); lashing and torture of some kind (can be discussed); removed and placed on a hit list (for extreme or extensive evidence of aggravated offenses); broken limbs or permanent mutilation; possible execution pending evidence of murder of a member and vote of Club or Agency officers.


The Measure

Each member of the BrightStar has the following rights.

  • To a cut of pay earned in Agency activities.
  • To the services offered by the Agency.
  • To defense by Agency members if they have earned their Patch.


The Measure thus far has the following rules:


1. Strength in family, loyalty to the Agency!

  • All proven Sovereigns are your comrades-in-arms, your family, we are only as strong as the weakest link in the chain.
  • Keep infighting to a minimum, only the Circle may sanction a kill.
  • Conduct yourself well, and avoid creating long standing grudges.


2. Respect the Chain of Command!

  • Respect all Agents, respect all Elite, all Officers, and the Leaders. Any act of open defiance will be paid with harsh punishment.


3. Never betray the Agency!

  • Any act of betrayal harms our the Agency, our family, to do so is to break the trust of your brothers and sisters. If you do this you will meet harsh punishment.


4. Major decisions go to the Circle!

  • All proven members of the BrightStar are sworn comrades. We are only as strongest as the weakest link!
  • If you wish to fight challenge the other to a bloodless duel, only the Circle may decide who lives and dies.
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