Sovereign Slang

While the BrightStar hunted their prey through the Fringe the crew of the frigate and later the Agency came to develop their own jargon. After making planet fall on Nexus the lingo evolved into a basic military / Agency jargon that the members could use among themselves.

  • BrightStar - The old Dominion war frigate that the Sovereigns come from.
  • Book of Names - A mixture of Vigilant Bible, and Chronicle that records the deeds, and actions of the BSIA Agents. Carried by Officers of the Circle.
  • Colors - The combination of the Agency Holo, and the formal uniform of the Agency.
  • Desmene - The territory and campus defended by the Sovereigns.
  • Exxie - An exile.
  • The Talyn Family - The primary Cassian family backing the BrightStar and the Sovereigns.
  • Fatigues - The informal uniform of the Agency often denotes rank and place in the Agency.
  • Heart - Follower, Serf, Submissive Personality
  • Jester - Wildcards, Switch Personality
  • Malv - A meamber of the BlackSky Malverines.
  • Patch - A means of marking achievement within the Agency. Soldier Patch for primary fighters, and Companion Patch for primary escorts backed by the Agency.
  • Proud Beak - The name for the colors and emblem of the Agency.
  • Sov - A member of the Agency.
  • Spade - Top-Men, Dominant Personality
  • The Circle - The deciding council made up of the Agency Officers and leaders.
  • The Measure - The code of conduct and basic rules governing life for the Sovereigns.
  • The Talyn - The current leading member of the Talyn family within the Agency.
  • The Agency - A basic means of referring to the Sovereigns as a whole.
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