Pre-Season – The Beginning

The beginning was when we founded it all, and when it all started going wrong.

The year was 1667 AE in the early spring. Two years after planetfall on Nexus the Reily family and its crewmates in the BlackSky had partered ways. Those still bound by brotherhood stayed with Cathal Reily and founded the BlackSky Malverines become the BlackSky Originals. Those leaving the craft went about their new life on Nexus. Meanwhile the Talyns finding about the discovery of Nexus summon like minds from all across the Empire to fund a new branch of the BrightStar Sovereigns on the Eldan homeworld. Arriving under the tutelage of Samuel the Butcher, the Sovereigns establish themselves in the City of Illium and then later the lands of Deradune.


Episode 1: The Train Job (5/04/1667)

The Malverines plan and execute a robbery on a grav train heading from Dominion positions near Algoroc. During the robbery they encounter the infamous war criminal, Samuel Delmonte, a high ranking member of the BrightStar Sovereigns. In the ensuing fire fight Samuel fights several Malverines and almost kills the boss, Cathal Reily. Members Carnatia and Sydira help in moving the goods along with a new hangaround, by the name of Shiori. While the insane action goes on new recruit Dylan mans the wagon as prospect sneaks aboard. The gang gets away with some scratches and Dylan getting knocked out hard (and earning his patch).

Intermission Notes (Sovereigns): Following the failure at the train robbery the Talyn family discovers further corruption among members of the Unit. It is revealed via a whistle blower that several members of the Unit sold information to the Darkspur Cartel. These members were removed in a purge of the Unit. The current status of the captainship of the Unit lies up in the air as new members are called in from the Dominion contacts of the Talyn to reinforce the Unit.

Intermission Notes (Malverines): The Malverines get a bit of rest from their near run in with death. Many might wonder what was inside the boxes as it silently turns out the Boss was not properly informed by his Exile contacts of what was within them.


Episode 2: The Church Raid (6/26/1667)

Weeks after the Train Job the Sovereigns return in force outside the Sassy Aurin Saloon to engage their enemies, the Malverines. Within the Saloon the Officers of the Table Hold “church” or a meeting of the Club to figure out the cryptic status of a strange cube like artifact. Eventually after an initial squabble the cube is decoded and displays a strange message. The meeting is cut short as the Sovereigns under Captain Samuel and his fellow operatives Rexana, Velox and Vermana assail the saloon with a force of troopers. The fighting goes on as Fortek (the Road Captain of the Malverines) and willful fighter Terrier rush into battle. Partway a wayward aurin by the name of Jaedis encountered technologist Shiori and eventually this situation includes a wayward doctor (Argyle Rubrick) meeting up with Carnatia at the Saloon after Rexana kidnapped Taru.

While Dylan plays cat and mouse with a hover copter and along with recent prospect Opie join in the carnage. Cathal jumps out of the Saloon using a portal and ends up blockading a Sovereign calvary unit. However, this all comes to a head when young waitress Taru has her life threaten in exchange for the cube artifact. Before the deal to exchange her even began Dylan and Shiori find themselves dealing with a mad AI which takes control of several mines placed upon it by the technologist. In the end after decrying the “harbinger’ the AI deactivated and the artifact is exchanged for Taru’s life.

Young Draken freelancer Scavara encounters the sovereigns and observed them in action after crossing paths with the BSIA while chasing a fugitive.

The survival of the club results in victory for the Sovereigns and bitter defeat for the Malverines. Off in the distance another biker gang surveyed the carnage alluding to enemies of both factions on the horizon.

Intermission (Sovereigns): The Sovereigns return to their home in Deradune to find that their artifact prize has installed a new AI in their central data core. Calling itself Roger, the AI proceeds up to upgrade the statistcs and computational power while naming all the Sovereigns its Darlings.

The Malverines deal with the aftermath of their defeat and see the departure of Shiori and Taru who seek peace after the events of the raid. Cathal settles down to decide the Gangs future as the hangarounds who weather themselves in the raid meet their new family.

Intermission (Malverines): The Malverines would spend time rebuilding the Saloon so that by the year 1668 AE rolled around, the Sassy & Wild was up to speed once again. Meanwhile the Sovereigns learn that many of their localized files had been stolen during the Church raid by a marauder gang called the Rippin Girrok’s. Both factions continue to ignore the warnings that the Eldan artifact had shouted about the arrival of the Harbinger.


Episode 3: Dead Leaves (2/08/1668)

Motley was a weird little marauder haven located near a mountain in Algoroc. it was here that the Malverines, and Sovreigns would find themselves going to an auction. A rival gang of the Malverines, the Rippin’ Girroks, had intercepted information on the two groups. Hacking deep files from both factions and then selling it to the local Darkspur back KingPin, Johnny Twofingers. Johnny and his guard captain, Jack Donovan, guarded the auction as best he could. Cathal along with Kaisteal, Jane, Zet, Carnatia, Zakk, and a few others piled off their transport into the town as quickly as possible. Meanwhile Emrys Talyn in internim control of the Sovereigns landed a Domnion transport undercover and unloaded prospects Clara, and Scavara for the Sovereign retinue.

Meanwhile Johnny himself prepared for the auction while he and Jack start to have a small interplay. Both factions were undercovering the event as they wished to avoid the eyes of the Girroks (who could identify them easily). Unaligned individuals appear such as a poor mordesh in lock up, a Granok, and a human named Nishana. The operation would prove simple, get in, steal the goods and get out. Problem came when both factions realized almost right away that the other was present. Then then turned the entire affair into a cat’n’mouse game between them and the local guards. Passing the checkpoint with ease (they all had decent illegal IDs), they found themselves in the town proper.

Motley itself was an outright cesspoll of villainy, and Darkspur Cartel. The gathering of local criminal dignitaries drew the attention of the black hoods that an operative (Lacianega) was present to observe their activities. Torture, and espionage are a constant in Motley. Johnny is willing to kill people, and bribes are expected. Zakk gained information on the the auction as Jonny announced the near start. As more characters enter the scene, a lone exolab far away activates. As it does a strange lone woman made her way into the auction house and stole a key. Afterward a horde of Augmented monsters begin to assault the town.

The assault was in full progress as a mass evacuation began. Two large augmentors used modified beam weapons to tear through the town’s defenses. Hordes of augmented pushed their way past the defenses, as the strange woman made her way past both gangs. In the flurry of activity near the end retreat, something is leaked to a chosen few.

 Collective Intermission Notes: Both factions would take the aftermath of Motley in different ways. As a covert play was made against either, they would suddenly find themselves months later without a home, and in dire straits.

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