Guild Rules

The Leadership of BlackSky reserves the right to change these rules at its discretion at all times.


Rules of Conduct

1. Respect at all times!

  • The BlackSky Malverines has a zero tolerance for any form of harassment or discrimination based upon race, ethnic identity, religion / creed, age,veteran / military / civil servant status, gender identity (binary and non-binary) or expression, color, disabilities of any kind, sexual orientation, nationality or language-status at all times!

Do not use racial slurs against guild members, pejoratives (derogatory words) words against anyone.

  • The BlackSky is a guild that promotes a laid back, friendly, respectful, dignified and respectful environment free of harassment and discrimination.

We are a guild that encourages members to spend time gaming, and roleplaying with each other in an environment with as little drama and persecution as possible.


2. Respect the community!

  • When you join the BlackSky you wear our tag and name as a representative of our community! Act with professionalism and with respect towards others even if you do not agree with them!
  • Any form of inappropriate behavior (griefing, trolling, whining, accusations etc) towards a non-community member with proof (screen shots, actually seeing it occur by members of the guild and officers) will result in a warning or expulsion from the guild.

1. If you are out in a bar in game do not troll, flame, or insult people.

2. Any form of harassment such as offensive whispers, insults or statements towards others.

3. Ignoring limits and forcing Rp ideas that might break a person’s personal limitations completely or intentionally triggering someone.

4. Actively disrupting an RP event / scene without discussing anything with the event planner or whoever is running it. We do differentiate between random scenes in public and indepth Rp scenes. If you are not sure, contact the Rpers present and ask!

  • Extended griefing by ANY BlackSky member will result in expulsion from the guild.


3. Do not spread drama!

  • The BlackSky does not tolerate rumor-mongering, spreading of lies, or public displays of inappropriate behavior (consistently whining, accusatory language, griefing, flaming, trolling, antagonizing people etc).

1. Rumor Mongering actively with intent of spreading false information about others to defame or ruin their reputation.

2. Public displays of inappropriate behavior includes: actively talking back when asked to stop a discussion that is making people uncomfortable; actively calling judgments or actions by others stupid or consistently negatively putting down aspects of others works etc.

3. Making accusatory statements in public of reasons why drama occurred.

4. Personal attacks on another member or member of the community.

5. Using public forums, or social media to to spread rumors, make veiled accusations (or threats).


4. Report all problems!

  • If you witness a breaking of our rules, skirting of them, or in general inappropriate behavior by a BlackSky member then report it to an Officer right away.

1. You actively see someone from the guild griefing someone else, screen shot the instance and contact an officer right away! Do no be afraid to PM them the image. Do not forget to discuss the circumstances.

2. A member is acting out and is actively mocking another roleplayer from the community in public, report it with a screen shot!

3. A member is actively pushing the rules on trolling or actively disrupting events by another guild or public Rp group.

4. Someone made a statement that could easily trigger (remarks about rape, abuse etc in a callous manner) someone without proper warning.

  • If someone says something that offends you please Speak up! Do not be afraid to simply say, “Hey I’m not okay with that can we change the subject?”

Members are discussing a topic that seems a little too graphic do not be afraid to say, “Guys can we talk about something else? This kind of bothers me.” Just phrase it respectfully!

  • All reports must include chatlogs or screenshots of the issue in question so we can keep a proper paper trail.


5. Mature, but Appropriate.

  • As an adult guild BlackSky members are free to joke or discuss mature topics. However, refrain from starting arguments, flame wars, or in general bringing up inflammatory subjects of a political, sexual or religious nature.

We discuss topics such as historical basis of a religion, or even the influences of burlesque or bike culture. However we do not tolerate people giving obvious political statements such as “I believe in X cuz Y is bad!”

We discourage people from making generalistic statements about groups, experiences, events, or in general topics that may result in heated discussion.

Victim blaming and shaming of any kind will not be tolerated.


Rules of Age and Content

1. Adult Content.

  • All members must be 18 years or older. Exemptions will only be granted for select individuals (you must be 17) with valid proof that your guardian has given you permission to join our ranks. The Leadership reserves the right to deny or invalidate exemptions at its discretion if the individual is unable to follow our Rules and Regulations
  • The Content of BlackSky contains: Coarse Adult Language, Graphical Violence, Partial Nudity, Suggestive Situations, Eroticism, Heavy Topics (Genocide, Brutality, Abuse, Murder, Torture, etc), Narcotics, Alcohol, Racism (In Character Racism).
  • Because the BlackSky features adult content (language, partial-nudity, narcotics) we remind all members to keep a thick skin. Remain calm when tackling situations if you are uncomfortable, and do not be afraid to speak your mind (refer to Rules of Conduct).


2. Graphic RP is kept to Private!

  • The BlackSky Malverines is not a ERP Guild, we do not condone public acts of sexual roleplay or cybering. If you are caught you will be reprimanded!
  • We are not liable nor can we control private channels, so if you wish to do anything that is outright overly graphic RP keep it to private.


Rules of Reprimand

1. Report what you see right away!

  • If you see someone breaking the rules screenshot it and report it right away.
  • If you are in a chatroom or instant messenger copy the logs right away and send in a report!
  • If someone is acting offensively and an officer is present contact them immediately to intervene!


2. Progressive Warnings.

  • For each infraction you will be given a warning. With each increased or added infraction your warning will increased.
  • You will only be given a total of three warnings if repeated infractions are committed relatively close to each other.
  • Extreme rule infractions will result in lower allotted warnings and lower tolerance of bad behavior.
  • If an individual reaches three warnings they will face temporary suspension, and will face increased suspension time until they face guild expulsion.


3. Provide Evidence.

  • The Officers and the Leaders require all reported infractions include visual evidence these include:
  • Screenshots
  • Chat Logs
  • Any reports without evidence will require investigation and in general will be judged based upon the amount of reports and the severity of the proposed infraction.
  • Constant reporting without evidence will result in a warning.


Rules of Roleplay

1. We are a canon lore guild.

  • We follow the lore as written by Carbine Studios.

1. We consider the world limitations created by Carbine to be the limitations of lore. If Carbine says that Espers are not mind readers we consider that a limit then on Esper abilities. If only the Luminai can have “Houses” then we consider any IC “Noble House” for a Cassian to be a dubious presumption by that Cassian family.

  • All Characters must work within the rules of the Wildstar Universe.


2. Do not abuse the Rp environment.

  • God-Modding: Acting invincible or purposely ignoring the actions of others Auto-Responding:against you to favor your character (godlike abilities, constant dodging etc).

A player creates new abilities on the spot or actively seeks to prevent harm to their character. Being an Esper and perfectly timing a move that prevents any damage by a sudden ambush attack. Being a Stalker and manifesting a Esper defensive shield.  A member magically dodges and misses without even taking into consideration that someone is trying to hit them.

  • Power-Gaming: Controlling the actions of others with their permission (auto-stabbing someone, grabbing them without giving them time to react, auto-killing).

A player enters a bar and suddenly all the women in the bar look at him with lust. A player auto-hits someone somehow without even seeing them doge.

  • NPC Control: You May not use NPCs in anyway to increase your characters standing, power or ability.

You may not claim to be the duke of a province or say that a group of guards suddenly appears to aide you. All your power, or support must come from actual players.

  • Thought Abuse: Using thoughts to mock others, or hiding behind a lack of expression as a means to work around provoking someone outright.

Being in an active Rp and roleplaying “Mary thinks that Joe bob is a complete idiot”. Thinking is fine, but in general it will come off as crass as it presents people with something they cannot respond to. If you are thinking lowly of people, note expression, just don’t sit there thinking away as it doesn’t really contribute to the scene.

  • Auto Responding: A minor form of power-gaming in the form of dictating how people respond to your presence, see you, or think about you.

Auto-Responding can be as simple as walking into a room and instantly people look at you. Or simply having a description in your character biography that people consider you pretty. Auto-Responding is the most mundane form of power gaming in that you dictate the reactions of others.

  • Meta-Gaming: Using information discovered Out of Character for In Character purposes (without any form of IC justification).

1. A player reads on a guild website that the guild is a secret society and then runs around in character claiming the existence of that Secret Society.

2. Player B reads the same site, and however then through a serious of IC events and deductions discovers the same secret society.

3. A street wise girl sees a dark clothed person exchanging items under cover and then later mocks them for being a thief.


3. Abide our character standards.

  • No relations to to Named or Specific NPCS, existing or former.

You may not be a relation, friend, second cousins or garbage man of Myala Everstar, Voxine, or any other Named or Specific NPC. You may also not assume the position that an NPC currently holds (do not replace Sir Whoever as High Commander of the Dominion Fleet, play a commander in the fleet instead).

  • No extraordinary powers outside of that of classes, and paths, or what is given to people in lore. (even Lore based Extraordinary powers must have good justification).

If you are in combat and you suddenly manifest Esper abilities as a Spellslinger, that is not okay. Skills and abilities in game need to fit a realistic basis of learning and acquisition. Mechari are Eldan technological wonders and cannot be Espers, so a Stalker who is based from Eldan tech cannot have Esper Abilities. An Esper could use a mag pistol to shoot, but could not summon a Sigil.

  • Characters that may bend lore are allowed if careful justification is given and approved by officers / leaders.

1. Cassian / Human defectors can be carefully justified, though they would have to always live with a target on their back.

2. Aurin existing outside the Exiles as a former prisoner or captive from a criminal group or the Dominion.

3. A Draken without a Clan who is turning his back on his people, he deals with stigma of his decision.

In general if the character pushes character culture we look for a give and take. Do they have a stigma, what did they give up, and what are the consequences of their actions?


  • No perfect or all powerful characters (no Mary or Gary Sues).

1. Characters that can solve all problems on happenstance all the time.

2. Characters that are from restricted or powerful NPC factions (Playing a Luminai when you can’t actually create one).

3. Being good at everything without any drawbacks.

4. Having so many faults or disadvantages that the character is ineffective at their job.

5. Playing a fault and negating it through action (playing a shaolin warrior blind swordsman).

  • Keep names lore appropriate (please do not call yourself Legalos, Tyrion etc).


4. Actions means consequences.

  • If you break the Charter, start a feud, cause a fight or anything expect a consequence.

Minor Offenses: Abusing club services and not giving appropriate payment. Not paying dues or bills. Causing a scene or acting like a child.

Minor Consequences: Losing club privileges; having to do jobs to pay off the expense; having to do humiliating work to learn respect; being tossed into a lake to learn your place.

Medium Offenses: Brawling in public without due reason or causing a scene; talking back to a superior and ignoring orders; talking shit about a superior or another brother or sister in public.

Medium Consequences: Hard labor jobs or a minor beating. Severely humiliating jobs or tasks. Having to pay an extensive fine.

Major Offenses: Stealing from the club or the unit; extended harassing and stalking members of the club; touching or striking a claimed individual (without due reason); talking about club or unit secrets in public.

Major Consequences: A severe beating or a period of time; demotion to lesser status (being a high ranking member and being demoted to a lowly dancer or server) or to prospect; permanent loss of privileges.

Aggravated Offenses: Treason (selling information to the opposing faction, giving away secrets to our enemies in our current faction, selling information to the highest bidder); killing another member; rape or vicious assault on another member; vandalizing unit or member symbols or bikes; attacking family members; breaking areas declared to be sanctuaries of peace; wearing club or unit symbols (tattoos, emblems etc) and not being a member or being a former member who was expelled.

Aggravated Offenses: Expulsion (your colors are ripped off on the spot and you are told to remove all tattoos or symbols); lashing and torture of some kind (can be discussed); removed and placed on a hit list (for extreme or extensive evidence of aggravated offenses); broken limbs or permanent mutilation; possible execution pending evidence of murder of a member and vote of Club or Unit officers.


5. Communicate Limits, and RESPECT Triggers!

  • When encountering a mature scene, a consequence, or in an intense scene, communicate your limits (what you absolutely will not do in Rp).
  • Consequences can be negotiated, but the punishment must fit the crime.

When you enter a scene where things may get dicey take a moment and have an OOC discussion about what you are not okay with. Also, all members of BlackSky have a section on their Player Profiles on our forums dedicated to limits. Make sure to read that before you do something and take note of what it says!

If a consequence does not fit a limit, we will give people a chance to discuss it. At the end of the day the consequence must fit the crime to a point

  • Respect the Triggers of your fellow members, and place warnings on graphic content.
Triggers are hard to define, but can be best described as a reaction to a scene, or a phrase that causes the individual to relive a feeling, or to deal with a compulsion (note this is a -very basic vague- description). For this purpose, events that will contain extreme violence, torture or graphic content will be marked with a Trigger warning or disclaimer to alert possible attendants.


6. Stay in Character.

  • The BlackSky Malverines is an immersion bound guild for this reason we ask that you remain in character when in spatial chats (/say, /shout /e or /me).
  • Guild Chat in game for both the BlackSky Malverines, and BrightStar Sovereigns is OOC. The MalvCom, and SovCom Circles are for IC chat.
  • If you wish to discuss things Out of Character please mark it with (()).
  • Keep Out of Character and In Character separate.
  • Solve In Character problems In Character (if you need to discuss or mediate a situation contact an Officer).
  • Do not use IC as a means to grief others for OOC reasons.
  • Do not cause drama, or grief others based upon IC situations.


Rules of Alternate Characters

1. Prospect OOC Once, Choose One Main

  • A member only needs to pass the trial membership and prospect period -once- to become a full member.
  • Members need to select -One Main and Faction- to be their -primary- focus so the guild can maintain a healthy balance.
Spoiler title

1. Cedric applied to Join the Malverines, after undergoing the probation period OOCly he earns his Colors becoming a full brother of the BSC. His main does the same; but he also had interests in the Sovereigns and adding new characters.


2. Alternates Come Second

  • A member must have completed their OOC, and IC interview, have been a member of the guild for two weeks before adding an Alternate characters.
  • New members joining the guild will take priority over an alternate character seeking to be added to  the guild.
  • Alternate characters at the moment cannot rank above -Member- Rank in either faction.
  • Alternate Character’s may rank above -Member- with special permission on a case by case basis.


Rules of the Guild Vault

1. First In, First Out

  • Members are encouraged to donate common items, materials or un-needed dyes to the Lowest Tier of the guild vault.
  • Feel free to take what you need, but do not -drain the entire vault-.
  • If the Lowest Tier fills the Officers will sell off the excess items and donate the proceeds back to the guild.


2. Do not Beg.

  • High Level items donated to the vault will be placed in the Upper Tiers, these are donated by respected members.
  • You may ask permission for no more than one item at a time without special permission from the Guild Leader.


3. No Tolerance for Abuse

  • Abuse of the guild Vault will result in demotion, or guild Termination.


Rules of Activity

1. Be active and Participate

  • If you join our guild please show intent by roleplaying with other members, becoming part of our OOC family, and appearing at events.
  • Real Life always takes precedent, but if you are going to be away for a while please let us know by posting and absence notice!
  • Be responsible in managing your characters, and if you join us on an alternate, be active. We are not a storage for inactive alts.


2. We clean house once every two months

  • Once every two months all of those who show no activity in-game or on our website will be removed from our roster. Our Open Return policy applies during these house cleanings for all
  • If you are a member of another guild, or you join another guild while with us please let us know! This is to avoid conflicts of interest.


3. Multi-guilding is fine, just let us know!

  • If you are involved in other groups in WildStar we ask that you let us know.


4. Leave with respect!

  • If you decide your time with us is at an end with the BlackSky, please leave respectfully. Any form of drama-mongering, rants, or general dramatic ragequits will result in immediate removal of said information from our site.


4. Once BlackSky ALWAYS BlackSky!

  • If you were removed during one of our house cleaning sessions you may return to full status as soon as you contact an officer with the following:
  • Your Forum Username
  • Your Main and any alts you had.
  • Members who retire may return when they wish pending discussion of the Leadership.
  • If you pull out during your prospecting period you may return without application if you left on good terms, and renew your interest in becoming a member.
  • Those who left under questionable circumstances may only return pending discussion of the Leadership, and the Officers. If the person was removed or left under questionable circumstances we expect them to refrain from repeating these actions. Any form of return to inappropriate behavior will result in reprimand, and possible quick expulsion.
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