BlackSky History

“It all began with inheritance, and the rebel spirit.”


History of the Feud

The story of the BlackSky began centuries before the Cassian Civil War when the Empire was still young. In the early days of the Dominion there was an up and coming family known as Brightstar. The father, Robert BrightStar, of the family had spent years rising through the ranks of the Dominion navy until he was gifted with his own command. So great was the man’s sense of pride that he ordained from then only that only the eldest of his family could inherit. The joy of family would be short lived however as Robert’s very own son Reily would rebel against his father’s wishes to take on the family mantle. Reily was a rowdy soul, one who loved to gamble, and to drink. Where as Robert’s second child, Talyn, was a straight and narrow officer.

When Reily refused the inheritance he broken away from the family and formed his own. Talyn on the other hand came to resent her brother from insulting their father, and as she was unable to inherit the family fortune was taken by a third party. This formed the basis of a competition and eventually a feud that would spark between the two which would then be handed down to their descendants.


Most Actions are Selfish
Even to this day many might wonder why the two families sided with the historical factions of the Galaxy. Why did the Reilys turn terrorist, and why did the two families go down the path’s they did? Why did Sovereign’s turn to corporate enterprise? Racism.

Pure and simple, racism. Generations before the rule of Emperor Jarec the Reily family found its power politically among the Lowborn. A group of people who enjoyed the piety of the Chronicle House, and who did not think much of their Luminai rulers. While the Reily’s backed the folk that would become the Lowborn, the Talyn’s reached out and forged ties with others outside the populations of Cassus. They built partnerships with Mechari in the ICI, a few young Chua inventors, and even a Draken or two. In truth the Talyn were far more economical in their thinking.

When the Lowborn split from the Highborn the Reily’s found their base being the one’s rebelling. It was one of their allies, Serick Brightland, who pushed the Civil War. So what were men to do?





The Rebellion and the Families turn to Blood

Generations after the failure of inheritance the descendants of the two siblings lived on as the Reily family and the family of Talyn. Both families had competed over goods, services, and business for centuries as they clawed their way up the Dominion Social ladder. It was then no wonder that when they were each given a command that the Talyns would take a ship named the BrightStar (in honor of their lost inheritance). The Reilys on the other hand took to calling their ship the BlackSky, a name that would remain up to the modern day.

It was just after the fortune of both had increased that the Cassian Civil War began. The captain of the BlackSky, Sean Reily, was a respectful and honorable man who quickly swore allegiance to Serick Brightland against the forces of the Dominion. When Sean’s distant cousin Elric Talyn heard of the news he jumped at the chance to finally end his family’s chief rivals.  It was during the Civil War that the ancient blood of BrightStar turned against their own as a once former rivalry turned to blood feud. Sean killed Elric in a fire fight between the BrightStar and BlackSky frigates. Elric’s son then swore revenge as the two ships and their crews would spend the next era fighting across the fringe as the Exile fleet evaded the Dominion Seekers.




The Agency is Founded

After the Cassian Civil War the Talyn Family’s interests across the Galaxy were wounded. With their Patriarch dead the children of the family began to invest in business throughout the Empire. Soon they founded a security firm found known as the BrightStar Sovereigns Imperial Agency. A mixture of private investigators, and honed Special Operations unit, the Agency employed contacts from the Imperial Central Intelligence to the best inventors in the Galaxy. In times of need it would be the Agency that would do the dirty work of the Talyn family.

As the DRED would form in the Dominion under the watchful sociopathic eyes of the Chua, the Talyn would begin a longstanding relationship with several Chua from Bezgelor. This group simply known as the Brain Trust become business partners and long term friends of the Talyn family. Eventually leading to several DRED projects coming under Agency protection.


Cat and Mouse
Years after the foundation of the BSIA, the Talyns built a consortium of agency units across the known worlds. Sure, they could have found the necessary resources to hunt down the Exile Reilys, but they still had relatives living abroad in the Dominion. It was during the early days of the Blood Feud that the Talyn’s turned away from any notion of uniting with the greater Dominon Machine. Instead the Sovereigns became the private army of the Highborn family seeking to rid itself of what it came to consider a weak reminder of  a corroded bloodline.

The Reilys on other hand were quickly forced to adopt a life of hardship in the Exile Fleet. Only a few members were doing remotely well as the fleet fled into the Fringe from Dominion Seekers. For a generation or two the Reilys did fine, and then over time they found their old reliance on Human alliances would no longer do. A hard lesson was learned those years, but as they did learn they formed slow shifty connections with the Free Companies of FCON (the Granok), and other races joining the Exiles later on.




Running the Blockade

For many years members of the Reily Family had kept tabs on the growing Alchemical prowess of the race of Grimsnara. Even to a point where they used former Talyn contacts to land a few weapon and medical supply deals. Imagine theeir reaction when they suddenly found out under captain Seamus Reily, that the entire planet had gone black. Any communications were cut off by Dominion quarantine, and any videos coming out from the planet showing horrific unexplained events. It wasn’t until the entire fleet got the call from the Mordesh themselves that the BlackSky would learn what truly happened. Billions of souls had fallen to some sort of failed chance at mortality and only a few survived. Joining the blockade runners, the BlackSky swore an oath to help their former suppliers; and joined in the move to get as many Mordesh out of the planet as possible. Even to this day, several members of the Mordesh served aboard and crewed the ship after getting them out of Grimsnara, as a sort of dark thank you for deeds done.

This would also lead to the Reily Family of holding contacts with the eventual formation of the Black Hoods. Giving them intel on their enemies the Talyn, and the location of Dominion seekers that were trailing the fleet.




Double Crossed

As the years on the fringe went by the BlackSky became adept at evading the Seeker patrols. Only the BrightStar seemed adamant about scanning each rogue nebular for the wily exile frigate. It was in this time that Seamus Reily, the stand Captain fell in love with a young Exile Human woman by the name of Nymphadora (Nymph for short). Theirs was a windswept romance in a backdrop where as Seamus was negotiating the with the FreeStone Granok Company (a band of mercenaries) for support. His love for Nymphadora would steadily cloud the man’s judgement as he failed to notice the increasing appearances of the BrightStar. It was not until the woman disappeared with her three children that her true status as a double agent was discovered. For five long  years Seamus would hunt for the traitors wench, and for five long years he missed the last memories of the love that once was.




The Regia Gambit

Now the loss of Seamus children brought a dark cloud over the BlackSky, one that would lead to a reckoning that the BrightStar could barely imagine. During those five years of life with their mother, the Reily children were partially trained in Dominion tactics and weaponary. It was while on one of these training missions that the leader of the FreeStone Company, Sarak Hardback, located the children. At the time the BrightStar was captain by Nymph herself along with her first mate a ferocious Darken by the name of Garg who had fought with the woman for years. After Sarak relayed the location of the children Seamus thought of a plan to get them back and wreak revenge on the woman that wronged him.

So it was months later that the BlackSky lured the unsuspecting Dominion ship into a vacant asteroid belt that they launched their daring raid. During the attack the BrightStar was boarded and the children were taken along with a strange little data core that the boards happened to come across. Little did they know they had in their hands the latest in Dominion technology (including new experimental plans for weaponry and Stalker nannites). When they activated soon afterward on their ship the core came to life and identified itself as the Regia-Matrix, a covert Dominion data bank and AI.




The Hunt Renewed

There was a reason why men are told there is nothing like a woman scorned, and boy did Nymph get angry. After being humiliated by the BlackSky the matriarch called upon her family assets in the Dominion and summoned the paramilitary services of the Brightstar Sovereigns Imperial Agency. Founded years ago by the Talyn family the Agency had contacts across the Empire, and was known for its ruthless efficiency in handling the work of clients. It was the Sovereigns who aided the Talyn efforts on Arboria and openly participated in the murder of hundreds of Aurin, and it was they who assisted in hunting the BlackSky to Nexus.

It was no wonder then that when the BrightStar discovered its age old enemy on Nexus that the Sovereigns got riled up even more to find their worthy prey and continue the hunt again.




Malverines Versus Sovereigns

Year’s later the fabled world of Nexus was found by that old coot, Dorian Walker. The BlackSky thinking they might have finally found peace settled the world and left the life of the military. Creating a Club of sorts to eke out their own bit of heaven, they soon found out that the Sovereigns had followed them ‘home’. The Agency was deeply interested in retaining the Regia Matrix, as it was owned by the Talyn family the Agency lost files when the Matrix was stolen, and it did not want its files revealed. The truth was the Regia held information that in Exile hands would seriously hamper Dominion efforts including new Stalker technology, and the ability to identify deep cover agents.

Even as they sought freedom or glory the two groups could not escape the age old feud. Until the last Malverine or Sovereign lay dying the Saga of BlackSky would ramble on forever.

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