The Supporting Cast

The Saga of BlackSky includes a mixture of Player Characters who are our Starring Cast to a series of Non-Player Characters who act as our Supporting Cast. The NPCs of the Saga vary from organic, to artificial creations, to strange enigmatic creations of the Eldan themselves.


Malverine NPCs


A powerful computer core found within the Malverines saloon homebase and dispersed through their virtual private net. The Regia Matrix or “REGGIE” is a highly advanced Dominion AI stolen from the Sovereigns several years ago. Over the years on the BlackSky and more recently with the Malverines, Reggie has created “her” own persona and often speaks in a jointed manner. She generally only answers to established Malverine members, but is known for making “friends” with prospects if asked about who she is.


Bets Harnahan

A tough cousin of Cathal Reily, Bets is a member of the Exile Judges and often looks out for her relatives when she can. In all other regards she is a hard hitting authority figure with a mop of brown hair and a tough hard bitten build, and a preference for heavy armor. Bets or Bethany is the one who usually covers up Malverine action with Exile authorities.


Sovereign NPCs


A strange AI supposedly that self installed itself from a strange Eldan Cube attained by the Sovereigns (first mentioned in Pre-Season Episode 2), Roger speaks in a accented Highborn manner, and often calls people his darling. He is known for singing in a discordant horrible manner, and is a highly tactical AI. He loves to meet new people, though will ask people keep to a set of “manners” that he assumes they should know.


Emrys Talyn

A liaison with the BSIA and the Taly Family, Emrys is a lesser member of the Highborn family and often serves as Nymphadora’s eyes and ears within the Agency. He is a shortish man with dark hair, green eyes, and sharp features. He is often accompanied by his two guardian mechari known as Tit and Tat (they do not like being called this).


Andromache and Sanjo

Andromache is a Torine Deathbring who brought about the Transfiguration of the Sovereigns through her tutelage of Nymphadora Talyn. She now resides on the borders of Wilderrun teaching young Sovereigns about the the threat of the Strain, and about how to bring about a greater understanding of where the Empire came from. She does not believe in the Vigilant Church, and can be considered a heretic as she followed the Blademother and the teachings of Vitara.


Unknown NPCs

The Harbinger

A strange entity mentioned by the mad AI that once resided within the Eldan Cube Artifact. That AI later became Roger (this is speculation).

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