Rites and Rituals

The cultures of each faction are unique, and yet share some similarities. Generations of evolution because of the feud of BrightStar has forged a series of rituals that have become part of the fabric of Saga of BlackSky



Rituals of the Malverines were developed from years alone on the Gun Frigate, the BlackSky. Each holds a purpose of memory to uphold the Exile tradition, while breathing new life into their future on Nexus.



Taken from the old Chronicle room that was kept on the BlackSky, Church was a term applied to the gathering of the Skipper and his officers. On Nexus this has evolved into a gathering of the Table, the Boss, the Second, and the standing members. A time when the Club gathers together to discuss issues of the day, and upcoming challenges.


Patching Ceremony

The Patching Ceremony was born from a similar ritual done upon the rise of a new probie to the rank of crewman. The Club to this day convenes the ceremony and locates the namesake of the gang itself, a Malverine. The Prospect then hunts, kills and takes a tooth, and ear from the beast. Then the new Club member rises to the rank of brother, and sister after being gifted with the right to bear the colors of the Gang.


Mate Ceremony

Two Malverines exchange patches declaring themselves mated to each other. This is a Malverine equivalent of Marriage or “Going Steady”. It is conducted with all Officers Attending, and usually one of the Club leaders acting as the Chronicler of the ceremony. Mostly includes drinking, singing, and all the fanfare of a biker wedding.


Words used include:

“I take ___ as my mate in the Club. My story will be upheld as it twines with theirs.”


Blood Rite

The Blood Rite is a serious one conducted in the auspices of the Malverine Clubhouse. Those declaring themselves as the same Blood sit and undergoing twin tattoo’s that declare their connection for all time. The lead Club tattoo artist is the one to conduct the ceremony, and then their names are recorded in the Club’s Book of Names.


Joining the Table

When a member is chosen by the standing Officers of the Table. The officer is handed a strip of cloth signifying the third highlighting color worn by the Officers, and Leaders. This color is worn at all times to identify Officers. They are also gifted with a talisman carved from their Patching ceremony carved with their name. Only Officers may have their Malverine tooth items carved into talismans.


Turning Away

To turn is an act of shaming used upon those who have defamed the Malverine name in some way. An act of Punishment endorsed on Members, Deputies and Officers. The target walks to the table and ritualistcally tears off their membership patches. They then are demoted to Prospect and must re-earn their colors.

To be turned away a second time is to have their Colors fully removed, all tattoos blacked out and their name stricken from the Book of Names.



The Sovereigns are a corporate entity, but are not without their rites, and rituals. Born from years of racial mixing, there is far more interwoven rituals including Draken, Chua, and Mechari influences often spelled into corporate reasoning.



Vigil is named after the services of the Vigilant Church, and has come to stand for a gathering of the Circle of Officers, the Hand, and the Captain along with all standing Agents. The Agency holds these corporate meetings as a means to communicate current issues, unveil upcoming plans, and brief everyone on plans.


Agent Promotion

Promotion to Agent is an important ceremony for everyone within the Agency. To conclude this a Prospect must after being considered ready hunt down and slay a Malverine, and then cut off its head. Once the brutal act is done, the Officers will bestow a feather upon the newly ordained Sovereign agent taken from one of the birds of Prey of Dereadune itself.


Chosen Ritual

For two or more people to declare themselves as Chosen, the leading member must come before the Captain and declare their intention for the ritual. The Captain will then gather the superior of the member (be they Asset or Operative), and then open the Book of Names. After the two or more are recited their names are added as being each others chosen. The affair is then concluded.


Words used during the Ritual:

“Lord Captain, I do thus declare before the Vigilant, the Old Gods, and all others that ____ is my Chosen.”


The Blood Ritual

Descending from an ancient Draken rite that communed with the Spirits, the rite of Blood is undertaken by those who wish to become bound for all eternity. The two meet in secret and slice open their hands and then recite a simple prayer before their chosen Deities. Then they clean the wounds and present their bandaged hands to an Officer of the Circle. Both are then awarded with twin tattoos marking their ritual for all time.


Joining the Circle

When an Agent is promoted to the Rank of Deputy or Officer of the Circle they are asked to come before the Captain. The reigning Captain of the Agency at hand then removes the sword of Talyn, an artifact kept among the Sovereigns to mark their dedication to the job at hand. The sword is then used to touch each shoulder of the intended who then bows and utters “Before the Eyes of the Emperor, I join the Circle to bring excellence to the Agency.”
They are then handed the tertiary colors to bear to mark themselves as a high ranking member of the Agency to all others.



When someone is demoted for defaming or disobeying a superior in the Sovereigns they speak to their direct Superior and then remove their patches. The individual is then demoted a rank, and a negative mark is put by their dossier in the Agency records.



When a Sovereign breaks the ultimate rule they are terminated from membership within the Agency. The Agent in question is stripped to their skivvies, and then informed of their status. This humiliation is done in view of the reigning Talyn,and their name stricken from the Book of Names.

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