Faction Territories

The Feud of BrightStar has expanded far beyond the skies of Cassus, and has come to rage across the stars. A ongoing battle waged between the rough and ready outlaw Malverines, and the discipline and order bound Sovereigns.

Life on Nexus only seemed to inflame t he Feud as both sides eked out a life influenced by their overlords in the Exiles, and the Dominion. For this very reason they have rightfully come to influence, and defend land in the areas where they live.


The Freehold

For years the crew of the BlackSky lived aboard the quarters of a cramped Gunship aging with time. So when land became open at the planetfall of Nexus many disappeared into the vast array of open claims, settlements, and pioneer homesteads. Perhap it was this reason that the newly formed Malverines struck out on their own bound by ties of blood and brotherhood. Establishing themselves in the Algoroc valley they came to call all the land, and stead under their care simply as the “The Freehold” the land held by the Free.

The Demesne

The Agency was quick to stake a claim on land in Deradune for its own usage for a Headquarters, and a local branch officer. Combined with offices in Illium the Nexus Unit of the Agency came to calling its campus simply as the Demense. Using an old word from Cassus to describe the ruling estates of the local Luminai.


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