The Book of Names

For years the BrightStar family had resided in a simple House in the days of the Cassian Commonwealth. Here the family kept a book of their blood, and the chronicles of their kin. Over the years the Book of Names evolved not only as a family keepsake, but a means of recording the great deeds, and follies of the BrightStar family. Even when Reily broke from his family, he and his sister kept the Tradition.

Through the Centuries the Sovereigns and the Malverines have kept old bound copies of the Book. Be it as a simple recording of action or ceremonies. It also contains a copy of the Charter (for the Malverines) or the Measure (for the Sovereigns).


The Remembered

Those who have died in the line of duty for the good of their faction are always remembered…



Reveal the Malverine Dead




Reveal the Sovereign Dead

Abbigail – Slain in duty against the Malverines, by Malverine, Scout.


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