Our guild is happily seeking to roleplay, and coordinate with other circles / guilds within the WildStar Rp community! If you are seeking to establish connections, plan an event with us, or even just create an alliance or rivalry take a gander at the information below:



To set up an inter-guild storyline contact a member of our active Staff Members.


Guild Limits

BlackSky is an open minded guild, we love inter-guild Rp, but we do have a few limits:

  • We are a Grey Rp Guild which means our guild contains Normal Folk, Businessmen, Aristocrats, and yes some Criminals. This means we dabble in a lot of different hats and roles in our storytelling! (We never assume the good or bad place in morality!)
  • We do have a rule about IC Actions = IC Consequences. If you suddenly attack one of our own expect one of the factions to show up demanding recompense, or perhaps a conspiracy if they deem its worth it to destroy you (note we conduct any form of large scale consequence in OOC dialog to prevent drama. We will not suddenly decloak and kill you).
  • When it comes to all gang-wars or large scale conflict again we like OOC communicates and an across the board Consequence consent between all parties.
  • If you wish to conduct an Undercover, or Spy mission into any of our two factions please contact the guild leadership and inform us who the Spy is.
  • We don’t approve of meta-gaming so if you do get dirt, we suggest screenshots!
  • If you want to torture, punish, or capture one of us lets do it! But please keep an open OOC dialog and do not break Limits or Triggers. That being said we consider both sacrosanct and will not tolerate anyone who shows that kind of behavior.


The Preferences

BlackSky is a Grey Roleplay or Morally Grey Guild. This means we can conduct military events, social events, criminal heists, or a potluck dinner. Our story is about family and brotherhood primarily so we look for rivals or allies that add to our story. This means we are open to a lot of options in general!

In general we like to be a bit rough around the edges jump into the Frontier life of rough law, and shot-gun justice. Gangs, Possess, Mining Unions, or Homesteaders or perhaps Dominion Seekers, Highborn, or Collegium members. Just toss us a line!

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